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Promotional Guidelines

When promoting our products, you MUST abide by the following rules...

  1. Don't use the word "scam" anywhere in your promotions. For example, it makes our company look bad when people Google us and see a bunch of "Is Digital Prosperity a scam?" type articles from affiliates, which is not good for branding at all.
  2. If using paid advertising, don't include the phrases "Digital Prosperity" or "James Francis" (broad or exact match) in your targeting. Everything else is fine.
  3. Don't spam. For example, it is not ok to spam Facebook groups or comments with your link in the hope that somebody will click it out of curiosity. It's also not ok to send unsolicited email to people who didn't opt-in first.
  4. Don't promote using cash rebate bonuses.
  5. Don't promote with any copy inferring that you work for us as a part of our team. For example, it's ok to say "my good friend James Francis", but it's not ok to say "as I'm a part of the Digital Prosperity team".
  6. You will refer all customer queries over to our support desk at to avoid a refund or chargeback situation.

We regularly review our affiliates' promotions, and any affiliate or partner found to be in violation of these rules will have their affiliate account closed immediately, voiding any commissions owed.

However, abide by these guidelines and you'll have nothing to worry about.

Looking forward to sending you a ton of affiliate commissions!