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The 12 Profitable Niches

When people sign up for this free report ("lead magnet"), they are presented with an upsell for our best-selling entry-level program, The Prosperity Formula. After the customer purchases The Prosperity Formula, the funnel is the same as if you were promoting that product directly (i.e. using our proven high EPC one-click upsell funnel).

If the new subscriber doesn't buy after opting in, they are cookied under your affiliate link for life until they do buy something, at which point you will get paid commissions on everything they buy in our funnel below a $500 sale price.

Our proven and optimized follow-up sequence lasts for 3 months and is tailored to their behavior, so by promoting this lead magnet you are making an investment in your commissions now and in the long-term.

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Price: Free (profit made on the upsells)
Last Updated: September 8th, 2020
EPC: Untested - just opened to affiliates. However we have built our business to 7 figures using this same lead magnet, with huge potential for future growth.

The Product

12 Profitable Niches is our most profitable free lead magnet, which reveals the twelve niches to build an online business around, along with the demographic data for each niche, and the most profitable offers to promote in each niche as an affiliate marketer.

The Tested & Proven Sales Funnel

  • Front-End Offer: The 12 Profitable Niches Report (free)
  • Main Paid Offer: The Prosperity Formula ($27 - 100% commissions)
  • Upsell #1: Instant Profit Funnels ($37 - $50% commissions for affiliates, 80% commissions for partners)
  • Upsell #2: Copy & Paste Content ($97 - 50% commissions for affiliates, 80% commissions for partners)
  • Upsell #3: Done For You Prosperity ($497 one-time or two payments of $248.50 - 50% commissions for affiliates, 80% commissions for partners)
  • Your Total Commissions Potential: $342.50 per sale as an affiliate OR $531.20 per sale as a partner.

Simply promote the free report using your affiliate link, then our automated behavior-based follow-up process will maximize your upsell sales for you while minimizing refunds.

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However we encourage you to write your own email copy based on the sales page anyway, as your sales will typically be higher when writing in your own writing style, with your own "voice", to the wants and needs of your specific audience.

With that said, feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or need anything specific.

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Too many entrepreneurs go into business focused on what the most profitable venture would be, only to find out they're stuck in a business that bores them - or worse, one they hate. Instead, focus on what you're passionate about - or if you're not passionate about anything, what you're interested in - and build a business around that. If you need to know if your ideas are profitable or not, I'd recommend grabbing James Francis's free guide - 12 Profitable Niches. Simply click the link in our bio to download it for free!


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